About Us

Hi there, first off let me welcome you to the site. It's probably safe to say that if you landed on this site you're serious about your golf swing and improving your golf game.

Well my friend, I hope we can call each other friends... if not, I'm sure after I help you shave 5 strokes off your game you'll want to be the best of friends. The Remedy is the solution you've been looking for.

My name is Charlie Starrs, I'm a teaching professional and I'm also the creator of The Remedy. For over 22 years I've been teaching / helping golfers improve their game, at one of the country's most prestigious, private clubs.

Since we are now friends, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and how I came up with The Remedy as well as the evolution of version #11 of The Remedy... It's been one heck of a journey!!!

Before becoming a Golf Professional, I played baseball. I'm talking as far back as I can remember I loved baseball. I developed a passion for pitching. I played organized baseball all the way through college and I still love baseball maybe not as much as I love golf but a pretty close second.

That passion for pitching became the core principle behind The Remedy. I still remember the day I had the "Ah-ha" moment for The Remedy. I was hanging out with some friends watching a World Series game between the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox.

At some point they did a segment about pitching and when it came on, everybody ran to the kitchen to grab another beer and a bite to eat. But not me. I was intrigued by the science behind how a pitcher creates more power with his leg while bracing the trailing foot against the mound rubber which allows the pitcher to push off and throw the baseball forward with TREMENDOUS POWER!!!


That was the "Ah-Ha" moment that combined science with love of golf and baseball... that was the moment The Remedy was BORN!!!

After that game I spent days, actually weeks, in my garage developing and forming a prototype to try out on the driving range during a practice session. The prototype worked so well, that I lent it to one of my students that was struggling with a "sway" in his swing. When the student returned for his next lesson a few weeks later, he couldn't wait to tell me that he just shot the lowest round of his life while playing with his friends and his handicap was going to be reduced. His friends couldn't believe it, one of them even thought he might have cheated!!!

Since I developed that first version of The Remedy, I have continued to improve on The Remedy. The Remedy has helped many golfers continue to play golf where otherwise they would have simply quit the game becoming frustrated with how they were playing or even worse case is that they sustained injury due to bad technique.

The Remedy helps develop the muscle memory required in the golf swing that lasts for a long time. As soon as the feelings begin to fade away, the easy way to get the "feeling" again is to pull The Remedy out of your bag and practice with it!!!