The Remedy is the best golf aid ever! My contact with the ball was so much better and the ball flight was incredible. My shots immediately improved. I recommend The Remedy to any golfer interested in improving their game and adding distance.

Joe Nehmen


Whenever my swing starts to get a little erratic, I immediately go to The Remedy to get back on track.

The Remedy is the best swing aid I have ever used.

Bob Nydick


I have suffered from Tennis elbow for 18 months, during which I havegone through all kinds of treatments, going through the treatments, I was unable to play any golf. I recently began playing again and noticed I was swaying a lot during my swing. My lateral hip swaying prevented my swing to be on plane and caused "random" swings...how will I hit the ball next?  became a frequent question. I happened to run into Charlie Starrs, the developer of The Remedy, and we discussed my swing issues and he suggested I purchased one. I took it to the driving range the next day and followed the simple instructuions... and to my surprise my shots were surprisingly consistent. The next day, I took my daughter to play 5 holes and I had a bogey, a birdie, par, bogey, par! Now I can concentrate on improving my distance and short game since The Remedy fixed my "swaying" FINALLY!!!

Mauricio Castrillon